Fetish escort services

Fetish escorts service have become very popular in the sex industry in the last years, since many movies, music videos and commercial advertisement campaigns have included fetish scenes to catch the attention of male and female public.

Fetish escorts services have revolutionized the sexual market and made it more interested specially for male consumers, offering a new and wider way of sexual entertainment.

Fetish escort services ranges between lots of kinky and fetish play including tailored fantasy role plays, that men love to try but incapable of making their partners the main performer of their hidden fantasies, then they were forced to look a partner in crime, which in that case ended up being Professional Fetish Escorts or Dominatrices.

Fetish Escorts providers, mainly dresses in endless fetish and fantasy attires to indulge their male or female clientele, performing all sort of fetish and fantasy scenarios, fully detailed or scripted by the consumer.

My Fetish escort services

My specialty is provide you with all sort of tailored fetish scenario to help your fantasies come true. I am a great fetish performer, and for over 10 years I have been collecting and experiencing all forms of Fetish Escort services including being a :

– Kinky girlfriend dressed in shinny rubber and latex uniforms.

– A kinky female Dr or Nurse catering medical procedures and male intimate medical examination combined with sexual pleasures.

– Being a sexy maid performing maid duties and forced to sexually please her employer.

– A shy but naughty secretary being called to her Boss’s office and get punished and sexually used.

– A Bossy bitch that turns out being a strict Dominatrix bossy ruler capable of sexually torture and humiliate her male employees.

– An school girl that repeatedly is called to the Head Master’s office and gets her bottom spanked, and have to sexually please her Master.

– An abusive babysitter that keeps getting sexually favors and lots amount of cash by torturing and blackmailing her employer.

Well, I can be all day writing fetish fantasy scenarios, but I prefer you to call or email your inner thoughts and desires, and hopefully I can be able to help you to fulfill your dreams !

All my services includes protected sexual services as well as hand relief if it is preferred.

For extended sessions or even overnight requests I offer you the option of credit card payments over a Barclays card terminal, which is a safe way to make payments for both of us, and in your bank statement will appear MVS Productions.