ABDL Minding Massage

 ABDL  minding Massage

I am an adult baby girl  who likes AB-DL minding games and provides professional adult baby services.

I love wearing diapers and sucking on my pacifier, being double diapered by my lovely Daddy.

I spend time with other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers, and engage in real AB regression or DL experience.

I am versatile in AB-DL activities, so I can move from one role to another on the adult baby fields.

I am an adult baby Nanny – adult baby escort girl – adult baby escort nanny – adult baby carer – adult baby aunty – adult baby governess .. and adult baby escort nurse !

I am specialist in all related to regression, infantilism, toddlerism and adult baby discipline.

I am basically gifted as a carer or leader and enjoy looking after little ab boys or girls, but it is a big turn on when I allow myself to play as a little baby girl, who can switch from lovely and sweet to naughty and disobedient dirty girl.

I have my own collection of little girl dresses, plastic nanny aprons, AB traditional nurse attire, fashion plastic rumba panties, as well as plenty of plastic clothing to fit men sizes of ab plastic costumes. AB bottles, bibs and pacifiers – terry nappies and disposable printed diapers.

AB-DL Minding Massage

An AB-DL escort is a working girl who engages in Adult baby minding or diaper fetishism. I bring into play all these type of activities, for me it is just lovely performing sexual acts with other Adult baby players while keeping on my diaper.

For extended sessions or even overnight requests I offer you the option of credit card payments over a Barclays card terminal, which is a safe way to make payments for both of us – in your bank statement will appear MVS Productions.