Chastity Key Holding

Chastity Key Holding Mistress

A Chastity Belt also known as CB, it is used in BDSM and basically for male wearers.

A Chastity key holding Mistress, is a dominant Lady which holds the key of your chastity belt, and in consequence the owner of your male sexual activity.

I usually practice One on One chastity training, locking up my slaves in chastity CB for a period of time, to prevent them of masturbation and to control their orgasm.  I found it very effective for orgasm control.

Many different CB devices are available in my Dungeon .


Chastity Key Holding Mistress Distant training

I offer distant training and CB key holding services.

The CB device can be delivered to your door, the slave has fit the penis on the device and lock it up.

The Mistress will holds the key  and after a period of abstinence the slave is told to meet the Mistress to be unlocked and be granted  finally to have a hand relief .


Chastity training and Orgasm denial sessions

CB and orgasm denial session, CB device will be placed in your cock with the purpose of orgasm denial .

Your penis will be carefully caged in a CB while the Mistress applies long sets of tease and denial.


Men Forced to Slave Chastity

This is the best part of My Sissy training to ensure the Sissy masculine parts are locked up into a tiny CB device and the sissy cock is not allowed to have any erection. After hanging around wearing feminine attire and denying your cock to get excited you will feel more Sissy than ever !



My CB Devices

CB stainless steel tube and Gimp Stainless steel CB device. CB steel cock cage and Houdini CB lock. Spiral Stainless CB device and CB 6000 device.


slave-chastity-1- slave-chastity-2 slave-chastity-3-


For extended sessions or even overnight requests I offer you the option of credit card payments over a Barclays card terminal, which is a safe way to make payments for both of us, and in your bank statement will appear MVS Productions.