Milking Machine

Venus 2000 Milking Machine for Men is sex tool for self stimulation and also used for Mistresses to provide milking sessions to their slaves and it works with or without erection.

Important Note : to use any milking machine Venus 2000 we must put a replacement rubber liner which is where your cum will be stored. If this rubber liner is not replaced it means another man has used before in which his cum has been stored ( usually not many ladies change the liner and re – use it just by washing the rubber and placing it back to the cylinder ) this piece of rubber liner can be contaminated and you can get any sexual disease.
I charge £20 extra for every rubber liner requested. example : If you already cum once and want to cum again, you will have to pay extra £20 for a new rubber replacement.

Venus 2000 description and operation

Venus 2000 it is made in USA since 1993, it is leading sex machine specialized in male masturbation and milking stimulation.

It is a hands free machine made to provide masturbation and milking with powerful strokes with the purpose of provide long periods of self stimulation.

To use it is needed to put a bit of sex lubricant into the Receiver ( acrylic cylinder fitted with natural rubber), place the head of the penis into the opening, then turn the Venus 2000 on and it will suck your penis creating sensual erotic hugs and massages to the penis like velvety feel of a well lubricated partner.

Milking Machine Venus 2000 can be set up in less than 5 minutes, and a new / unused piece of rubber liner is needed for every user.

Venus Milking machine can be set to a soft and sensual 8 strokes per minute , or you can crank it up to a ball shaking 300 strokes per minute.

milking machine venus 2000

Milking Venus 2000 fit attachments

The Receiver

Primary Venus 2000 attachment to reproduce the sensation of a well lubricated partner.


The Pump

For recreational vacuum pump enhancement and penis enlargement.


The Nipple Massager

For nipple and breast stimulation for men and female.


The Head Massager

Erotic foreplay device when used with Venus 2000, it does squeeze the head providing sensual stimulation that can be combined with a vibrator or blow job.


Venus 2000 combined with BDSM

Milking machine sessions can be offered combined with fantasy role play and BDSM such as :

Tie and Tease, Tease and denial, Bondage, Mummification, Cross-dressing, Adult Baby & Diaper Lover, Penis pump, Anal Play, Fisting, Prostate massage,Tantra massage, Humiliation, Rubber Sessions, Nipple Torture, Forced Bi and Corporal Punishment – CP.

Venus 2000 Out/call

Milking sessions can be delivered to your hotel room in Central London. I visit only 4/5 * hotels. Taxi fare is not included on my rates. Please call Mistress Luna to discuss it.

My special Rubber & Milking session

You can be locked inside the Heavy Rubber Inflatable Bondage sack BS3 ( Studio Gum ) which has 2 separate chambers and a whole for your penis and another for your face, that makes a fabulous combination for Milking Session and Rubber Bondage.