Sensual Massage London

Sensual massage has been used for erotic purpose along the history.

Sensual and erotic massage are based on massage techniques orientated to achieve sexual excitation via sensual sexual touch, mainly as a foreplay, or after a sexual act as a kind of relaxing pleasant care.

When sensual massage is provided to a woman the main focus are the breast and pubis zone, when it is provided to a man the main focus is the male genital as well as nipples in some cases.

The person who provides professional sensual massage is called masseuse when is a female and masseur when is a male, as well as massage therapists.

Sensual massage London has a wide interpretation, as masseuses and masseurs often provide sexual gratification to their clients by helping to achieve an orgasm by giving a hand relief – or Happy Ending – as well as oral sex in some cases.

Sensual massage London can also be combined with S&M sexual toys to maximize the enjoyment of the entertainment, such toys can be for pleasurable penetration, to get the partner restraint or for sensory deprivation.

Usually these sexual toys are used in vanilla sex, such as blindfolds, silk scarves, leather handcuffs, feathers, anal toys, vibrators and synthetic or cotton ropes.

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