Tie Tease Massage

Tie Tease Massage & Tease and Denial

1 hour session  ** 2 hours

Includes :  ❤ Happy Ending ❤ Naughty talk ❤ Lingham Massage  ❤ Prostate massage ❤ Uniforms


Tie Tease massage is commonly associated with MILD Bondage – soft S&M and orgasm denial.The main goal of a Tie Tease massage is to take you to a highly aroused state, being able to control and prolong your orgasm, in some cases physical restraints can be used. The practice of tie tease massage is basically tying up my partner and sensually stimulate his body, essentially varying the intensity of the stimulation and held in an state near to the orgasm. The main point is not letting the restricted partner to reach the orgasm or relief, and maintain highly aroused as long as possible. Mild restrains , rope bondage , leather restraints , light bondage can be part of an erotic tease and denial to avoid the male / sexual slave reach their genitals, while the Dominant female / mistress / masseuse will sexually stimulate you using her hands, sex toys – vibrators, BDSM accessories as well as her naked body. Some men can have an orgasm by their nipples being stimulated, restrained could be the best way to have full control of your their bodies and erogenous zones. Role plays can be incorporated to Tie Tease massage sessions, there are many scenarios in which I am interested at, wearing the perfect attire or uniform for every Role play scenario such as : School girl , School teacher, French Maid , Baby sitter, sexy Nurse, naughty Nanny, Adult baby girl , Mistress or leather Dominatrix.
If the tied partner is allowed to climax it may be stronger than usual due to the increased tension and arousal that builds up during the extended stimulation. The tied partner may also instead be denied orgasm or be given a ruined orgasm in which case they will generally feel strong feelings of sexual frustration.

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After 10pm my rates may vary